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Obesity Management

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General Medical Telehealth

Experience Seamless Telehealth Service:

  • RACGP Qualified Specialist General Practitioner.
  • Secure video conferencing technology.
  • Enjoy the convenience of Online booking.
  • Virtual consultation from the comfort of your home.
  • Timely access to medical expertise, including diagnosis, ​medical advice, treatment, and Medical certificates.
  • eScripts (Need valid Medicare card or IHI* number)

Face to Face Consultation

Discover the Benefits of Face-to-face Consultation:

  • Receive tailored medical advice and treatment.
  • Enable comprehensive assessments, including vital sign ​monitoring and hands-on examination.
  • Access to Fit3D body composition scanning and Fat-​freezing.
  • More info at:

Obesity Management

Effective Medical Weight Management Solutions:

  • Medication-Based Approaches to assist in weight loss.
  • Customized Diet Plans: dietary guidance.
  • Targeted Exercise Programs
  • Innovative CoolSlimming Fat Freezing Techniques: Non-​invasive targeted fat reduction.
  • Progress Tracking with Fit3D Body Scanning: Cutting-edge ​technology to monitor weight loss journey.

Quit Smoking Treatment

Expert guidance and support to help you quit smoking:

  • Quit-smoking plans tailored to your individual needs.
  • Evidence-based medical management.
  • Convenient telehealth consultation and ePrescriptions.
  • First-line and alternative treatment options.
  • Ongoing help and adjustments to your quit-smoking.
  • Take the first step towards a smoke-free life today with our ​expert quit-smoking program.

M H Treatment Plans

Transform Mental Health with Telehealth Treatment Plans

  • Convenient access to professional mental health support.
  • Secure and confidential video sessions.
  • Access to therapy and counseling services regardless of ​location.
  • Remote support, promoting self-care and well-being.

Medicare rebates: Available for eligible patients.

Alternative Medicines

Alternative Healing with Medicinal Cannabis:

  • Explore the potential of medicinal cannabis as a second-​line therapy.
  • Effectively alleviates chronic pain from arthritis, ​fibromyalgia, and other conditions.
  • Helps manage anxiety, depression, and PTSD symptoms.
  • Promising results in treating epilepsy and multiple ​sclerosis.
  • Eases pain, nausea, and appetite loss associated with ​cancer patients.
  • Aids in insomnia and better sleep quality.

NDIS Access Application

Expert NDIS Access Application Support:

  • NDIS access process with expert Medical guidance.
  • Navigate the complexities of NDIS eligibility criteria.
  • Personalized assistance for your unique needs and ​circumstances.
  • Save time and reduce stress with our efficient and ​experienced NDIS application support.
  • Unlock the benefits of NDIS with our comprehensive ​assistance.


What is Telehealth?

Your virtual gateway to healthcare. Telehealth, also known as telemedicine, refers to the use of ​digital communication technologies for remote healthcare services. It enables patients to ​consult with healthcare professionals, receive diagnoses, and even get treatment without ​physically visiting a doctor's office. Telehealth enhances accessibility to medical care, offering ​convenience and efficiency.

What is eScript?

Prescription management solution, transitioning traditional paper prescriptions into ​secure digital formats. Streamline transmission between healthcare providers, ​patients, and pharmacies, reducing environmental impact and paper-related hassles. ​Accessible to anyone with a valid Medicare or IHI number.

Individual Healthcare Identifier (IHI)*

IHI number is a number that identifies you for health care purposes in Australia. It is a ​vital piece of information assigned to all Medicare cardholders. Moreover, individuals ​residing in Australia with a valid visa can easily apply for their own IHI which ensures ​seamless access to quality health care.

How to register at:​healthcare-identifier?context=22591

Our Doctors

Dr Dilan Ranasinghe

Specialist General Practitioner

MBBS, Dip Child Health, FRACGP

Language Spoken: English, Sinhala

The Practice

Melihealth, your premier destination for comprehensive healthcare services. As a Private billing General Practice, we offer a ​dynamic blend of telehealth and in-patient consultations, ensuring convenient access to quality care. Eligible consultations ​qualify for Medicare rebates, optimizing affordability for our valued patients.

At Melihealth, we go beyond traditional medical care. Specializing in overweight/obesity management, quit smoking ​treatments, Mental Health treatment plans, and NDIS access application support, we address diverse healthcare needs with ​expertise and compassion.

Conveniently located at Springvale South Medical Centre, our in-patient consultations provide personalized care in a ​welcoming environment. Meanwhile partnering with DinkumDoc, our telehealth service extends across Australia, catering to ​both metropolitan and regional communities. Experience exceptional healthcare tailored to your needs with Melihealth.